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" The challenge is to move from rhetoric to action, and action at an unprecedented intensity and scale. There is a need for us to focus on what we know works."
Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa.

“AIDS is a National Security Problem”
Colin Powell Feb. 2001

“One of the most destructive microbial scourges in history.”
Anthony Fauci April 2001


The HIV epidemic in Africa poses the largest social and scientific challenge to public health ever known. Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection and its associated complications are rapidly eclipsing all other causes of death among men women and children in Africa as the epidemic continues to increase in intensity.

We are committed as a group to providing AIDS Care and Treatment to patients in resource constrained settings in sub-Sahara Africa as quickly as cheaply as possible. This includes providing treatment such as Antiretroviral Drug Therapy, nursing care, peer counseling, and treatment at hospitals and clinics in Zimbabwe, specifically at St. Mary's and Seke North in Chitungwiza.

We work in collaboration with Stanford University, University of Zimbabwe, the Ministry of Health in Zimbabwe, the Doris Duke charitable foundation, the Rockefeller foundation and the Zimbabwe AIDS Prevention Program (ZAPP) in Harare.   

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