The Arthur Kornberg and Paul Berg
Lifetime Achievement Award in Biomedical Sciences

In 2010, the Stanford University Medical Center Alumni Association Board of Governors established an award to recognize the lifetime achievements of Stanford University School of Medicine alumni in the biomedical sciences. This award carries the names of Arthur Kornberg, MD, and Paul Berg, PhD, in recognition of their pioneering contributions to medicine and their service to Stanford.

In 1959, Dr. Kornberg came to Stanford as chair of the newly established Department of Biochemistry. In the same year, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine along with Severo Ochoa for their work in elucidating how DNA is built. These basic studies paved the road to recombinant DNA and genetic engineering, now important elements in the treatment of cancer and viral infections.

Dr. Berg also came to Stanford in 1959. His work with recombinant DNA, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1980, helped launch the biotechnology industry.

Drs. Berg and Kornberg brought to Stanford a passion for discovery, groundbreaking research, and a strong spirit of excitement and cooperation. They helped forge an environment that has produced generations of highly successful students and postdoctoral fellows, and in so doing, shaped the future of the School of Medicine. This lifetime achievement award honors their legacy.

Video Tribute to 2017 Award Recipients

Susan Marqusee, MD '90, PhD '90

Video Tributes to 2016 Award Recipients

Video Tributes to 2015 Award Recipients

Richard P. Lifton, MD ’82, PhD ’86

Ronald D. Vale, PhD ’85

Video Tributes to 2014 Award Recipients

Tania A. Baker, PhD ’88

William B. Wood, PhD ’64

Video Tributes to 2013 Award Recipients

Jeremy Nathans, MD ’87, PhD ’86

Louis Reichardt, PhD ’72

Past Kornberg-Berg Award Recipients

Randy W. Schekman, PhD ’75
Thomas E. Shenk, PhD, PD ’73

Frederick W. Alt, PhD ’79
James A. Spudich, PhD ’68

Jeremy H. Nathans, PhD ’86, MD ’87
Louis F. Reichardt, PhD ’72

Tania A. Baker, PhD ’88
William B. Wood, PhD ’64

Richard P. Lifton, MD ’82, PhD ’86
Ronald D. Vale, PhD ’85

Paul L. Modrich, PhD ’73
Owen N. Witte, MD ’76

Susan Marqusee, MD '90, PhD '90