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This website was created by Dr. Larry Chu, with assistance from Drs. Kyle Harrison and Aileen Adriano, on behalf of the Stanford Anesthesia Education Committee. The goal of this project is to provide medical students with information about the field of anesthesiology and to describe the clinical and didactic educational opportunities available at Stanford. This work was supported by an educational grant from the Stanford Department of Anesthesia.

Website Credits

Larry Chu, MD, MS, Assistant Professor of Anesthesia, Project Director
Creative Direction, Multimedia Design, Video Editing, Flash Interface Programming, HTML

Kyle Harrison, MD, Clinical Instructor
Videography, Sound Recording, Production

Kimberly Boynton
Video Editing, Video Clip Logging

Aileen Adriano, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Anesthesia

Gretchen Van Horne
Voice Narration


We would like to thank all the residents, fellows, faculty and staff who supported this project by generously allowing us into their lives by sharing their stories and perspectives on the field of anesthesiology. We would especially like to thank:

Ron Pearl, MD, PhD, Chairman of Stanford Anesthesia
Alex Macario, MD, Residency Program Director of Stanford Anesthesia
Janine Roberts, Residency Program Coordinator of Stanford Anesthesia

Drs. Hamman, West, Cohen, Shafer, Soran, Chang, Evers, Honkanen, Ramamoorthy, Arkind, Gaba, Riley, Smith, Lemmens, Brodsky, Carroll, Kyler and Ramzan.

Project Toolbox

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X
Sony Vaio FZ240N, Windows XP
Dell Dimension E520, Windows Vista
Final Cut Pro
Flash Video Encoder CS3
Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
Adobe Photoshop CS3
Adobe Flash CS3

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