Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine

Affiliated Hospitals

Training takes place in four locations, with the majority of time spent in rotations at the Stanford University Medical Center and the Lucile Salter Packard Children's Hospital. Residents also spend time in rotations at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose, the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Palo Alto, and Children's Hospital, Oakland, located in the East Bay.

Stanford University Hospital

Stanford University Hospital is a newly remodeled 663-bed tertiary health care facility located on the Stanford campus. Over 16,000 operations are performed in the Stanford operating rooms each year, ranging from routine surgery to complex cardiac, vascular, trauma and neurosurgical cases. The hospital's programs in heart and heart-lung transplantation have an international reputation. Other transplant programs (kidney, liver, pancreas) have been established. The hospital also has outstanding programs in critical care medicine and acute and chronic pain management. New operating rooms and intensive care units, equipped with state of the art monitoring devices and other patient care equipment, were opened in 1989. The hospital contains 66 adult ICU beds. More »

Lucile Salter Packard Children's Hospital

The 264-bed Lucile Salter Packard Children's Hospital opened in 1991 and is physically attached to the east end of Stanford University Hospital. It houses 20 pediatric, 60 neonatal ICU beds, and 52 obstetric beds. More »

Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center

The Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Palo Alto is a 450-bed acute care facility, completely reconstructed and opened in 1997. All subspecialties of anesthesia are practiced at the Palo Alto VA, with the exception of obstetric anesthesia. Over 3300 operations are performed per year with an emphasis on cardiovascular surgery and regional anesthesia. The inpatient facility opened in December, 1997 includes eight operating rooms with state of the art anesthesia facilities. The OR's are equipped with networked Datex monitors, an automated data archive and anesthesia record keeping system, all new anesthesia machines and ventilators, 8 dual channel Harvard computer controllable anesthetic infusion pumps, three HP omni-plane TE Echo probes, five intra-operative EEG monitors, and three fiberoptic intubating bronchoscope/video systems. The facilities also house new on-call quarters, a computer assisted instruction area for anesthesia residents, and the Simulation Center for Crisis Management Training. More »

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

The 500-bed Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, the public hospital serving Santa Clara County, has more than 6500 operative cases per year in all subspecialties with a major emphasis on trauma and burns. It also has a busy obstetrical service. More »

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