2014 Big Data for Human Health Seed Grant Recipients

Inaugural Stanford University and University of Oxford joint seed program supported by the Li Ka Shing Foundation

PI:  Scott D. Boyd (Stanford)

Co-Is: Shilpa A. Joshi (Stanford); Benjamin A. Pinsky (Stanford); Andrew J. Pollard (Oxford); Robert Tibshirani (Stanford)

High-throughput sequencing serology (HiTSS) for infectious disease tracking and immune system monitoring

PI: Aiden Doherty (Oxford)

Co-Is: Charlie Foster (Oxford); Abby C. King (Stanford); Martin Landray (Oxford); Deborah Salvo (Stanford); Alan Young (Oxford)

Accelerometers In U.K. Biobank: transforming raw data into meaningful health information

PI: Chris Holmes (Oxford)

Co-Is: Ellie Barnes (Oxford); Arnaud Doucet (Oxford); Dominic Kwiatkowski (Oxford); Chris Spencer (Oxford); Wing Hung Wong (Stanford)

An Oxford-Stanford collaboration for the development of scalable computational statistical methods for the analysis of 1000s of genomes, with application to infectious disease

PI: Zamin Iqbal (Oxford)

Mobile applications for rapid determination of antibiotic susceptibility/resistance in the clinic: a pilot study

PI: Trudie Lang (Oxford)

Co-Is: Steven Goodman (Stanford); Rosanna Peeling (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine); Arthur Thomas (Oxford); Francois van Loggerenberg (Oxford)

Using big data analysis tools to extract disease surveillance information from point-of-care diagnostic machines In Africa

PI: Jennifer A. McNab (Stanford)

Co-Is: Karl Deisseroth (Stanford); Michael Greicius (Stanford); Karla L. Miller (Oxford); Stephen Smith (Oxford); Michael Zeineh (Stanford)

Identifying diffusion MRI signatures of the cerebral cortex using all data big and small

PI: Vinod Menon (Stanford)

Co-Is: Srikanth Ryali (Stanford); Stephen Smith (Oxford)

Computational methods for human brain network dynamics: with applications to the "Big-Data" Human Connectome Project

PI: Stephen B. Montgomery (Stanford)

Co-Is: Gerton Lunter (Oxford); Mark McCarthy (Oxford)

Understanding rare disease from thousands of human transcriptomes

PI: Thomas N. Robinson (Stanford)

Co-Is: Ram Rajagopal (Stanford)

Interpreting state-of-the-art accelerometer monitoring of physical activity and sleep to reduce obesity and improve child health

PI: Daniel Rubin (Stanford)

Co-Is: Martin J. Landray (Oxford); Philip W. Lavori (Stanford); Mia A. Levy (Stanford); Mark Middleton (Oxford); Julia A. Schnabel (Oxford)

A shared computational approach to multi-institutional mining of big data for rapid learning in cancer

PI: Michael Snyder (Stanford)

Co-Is: Atul Butte (Stanford); Mark McCarthy (Oxford); Gil McVean (Oxford); Alan Yeung (Stanford)

Integrative analysis of mobile lifestyle and physiological data with omics data

PI: Christopher Yau (Oxford)

Co-Is: Anna Gloyn (Oxford); Mark McCarthy (Oxford); Michael Osborne (Oxford); Stephen Quake (Stanford); Quin Wills (Oxford)

Being Bayesian in a single cell world: statistical modelling of sparse single-cell RNA-seq data