Beckman Center For Molecular and Genetic Medicine

Technology Development Grants

Upcoming Application Deadlines

March 31, 2014

Download the RFP here.

The Beckman Center for Molecular and Genetic Medicine is pleased to announce a new program of Technology Development grants to support innovative applications for 1) the development of new and improved instruments or devices, or 2) the development of new methodologies, to be used in biomedical research.  The proposed research may involve conceptualization, design, fabrication, and/or testing of new instruments or devices.  Applications to develop novel experimental techniques and protocols using existing instrumentation are also invited.  It is expected that these technique development applications will have broad application to biomedical research.  Areas of emphasis are biomedical engineering and technologies for the study of structure and function of biological systems at all levels of complexity.

For information on eligibility, submission deadlines, and all other questions, download the "Request for Proposals" (RFP) above.





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