Health Research and Policy

Biostatistics PhD Training for Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine will change the way we deliver health care, with the development of medical interventions tailored to an individual’s unique genetic makeup and health history.

Scholars in Stanford’s “Training Program in Biostatistics for Personalized Medicine” will help define the statistical foundation for this emerging field, developing the tools and methodologies for collecting, organizing and interpreting the vast amounts of health data being generated in all corners of our society.

Our scholars benefit from interdisciplinary collaborations with the shared faculty of Stanford’s #1 ranked graduate programs in many fields — statistics, computer science, biological sciences, medicine, genetics, genomics and bioinformatics. In addition, each will have the opportunity to work as an applied biostatistician on a clinical research team.

This training program, which is jointly administered by the Department of Statistics and Department of Health Research and Policy, is funded, in part, by a National Institutes of Health training grant.

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