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  • A Non-Myeloablative Allogeneic Transplant Becomes the Ultimate ImmunoTherapy

    While the graft-versus-cancer effect is highly desirable after allogeneic transplant, the toxicities associated with high dose chemotherapy/radiation during the conditioning regimen have been a barrier.

  • Precision Medicine: Applying Cutting-Edge Technology to Patient Care

    One of the challenges to monitor disease status in hematologic malignancies after a curative treatment such as transplant is the lack of a patient-specific and sensitive test.

  • Cellular Therapeutics: Release the Power of Individual Cellular Component

    While the role for the individual cell population of the donor graft is not fully understood after allogeneic transplant, recent works in the field have yielded some interesting observations which may lead to advances in clinical care.

  • Clinical Story: It Takes a Village to Cure a Cancer

    When someone has mycosis fungoides, malignant cells in the blood travel to the skin, causing lesions that appear as an itchy rash.