Stanford Balance Center

Stanford Balance Center

(SBC) is an interdisciplinary practice of clinicians and physical therapists in Neurology and ENT.  The balance center evaluates patients experiencing balance or dizziness problems to determine the problem and implement treatment. Balance is a vital part of everyday life and can contribute to risk of falling, difficulties walking, disrupt sleep patterns and cause complications performing everyday tasks.

Computerized dynamic Posturography

 (CDP) testing is the first step to evaluating all aspects of a balance disorder. This test provides feedback on the visual system (how you interpret your environment around you), the somatosensory system (how your brain interprets your body’s position in space) and the vestibular system (your bodies internal balance sensors). 

Comprehensive Evaluation & Testing

Here at the balance center, we strive to develop a comprehensive view of a patient’s medical history and current balance problems by evaluating a patient in all aspects. All patients of the balance center undergo an initial evaluation in either ENT or Neurology along with comprehensive computerized dynamic posturography (CDP) testing.

The SBC is also directly involved in testing for all patients undergoing deep brain stimulation surgery (DBS) evaluation and programming for all patients who have undergone DBS. 

The Future of the Stanford Balance Center

The Neurological Sciences Building

The Stanford Balance Center is constantly working to improve patient testing and lifestyle both in and out of the clinic. In the next two years, the SBC will be moving into the Neurological Sciences Building, to encompass a larger range of gait testing as well as joint and mobility testing. Neurology, ENT and physical therapy will be working together here to evaluate patients and provide rehabilitation training to assist patients’ lifestyles at home.

We  plan on instituting a new range of community classes such as dance, strength training and yoga for patients with movement and balance disorders in a safe learning environment. These will provide quality exercise and teach the proper techniques for participants to use and improve life everyday.

Balance Center Staff

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