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The CEO Internship Development and Internship Practicum Courses (SOMGEN 227 and SOMGEN 227A)

These courses are offered as part of the CEO Internship Program.
For more information on the CEO internship program, please visit

The Internship Development Course includes tools and exercises to help trainees clarify academic and professional priorities, and empower them to develop and explore hands-on internships that fit their interests, skills and values. (Offered in Summer 2014; in following years, course will be offered in Winter quarter).

Curriculum includes:

- Identifying and planning for career of choice
- Communicating your plans
- Securing an offer and transitioning to the internship

The Internship Practicum course is provided for trainees who pursue internship under the program, and need to remain enrolled in a course for credit per their visa/financial requirements.

Academic Careers

The School of Medicine Career Center is proud to offer the following courses and programs to assist Bioscience PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and research/clinical trainees in preparing and pursuing their careers of choice within the broad academic sector.

Open to all Bioscience PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and research/clinical trainees. Additional program details, including detailed registration instructions and information about guest speakers, is at

PhD students and postdoctoral fellows in other disciplines will find relevant programs for academic careers at the Office of the Vice Provost Graduate Education, the Career Development Center, and the Center for Teaching and Learning.

These programs replace INDE 231: Future Faculty Seminar, which is no longer offered. Past syllabi, speaker lists and videos of the Future Faculty Seminar are available here.

Questions? Contact Chris Pohalski

Career Foundations: Academia                                             Panel + networking reception
4:15 – 5:45 pm Tuesday Sept. 16, 2014                                                                        LK 130

Learn about the breadth of roles, responsibilities and academic environments from a panel of junior and seasoned faculty in different roles and institutions. For those contemplating as well as those actively pursuing academic careers.

NDE 231A: Career Transitions: Academia                                                            Fall 2014
4:15 – 5:45 pm Tuesdays Sept. 23 – Dec. 2, 2014                                                    LK 120

In this cohort-based course:

  • Panelists from diverse academic institutions will preview the academic hiring process
  • You’ll prepare and polish your CVs, cover letters, research/teaching statements, job talks and interview skills, receiving individual practice and critique

Preference given to trainees applying to academic positions during Fall 2014.

INDE 231B:  Career Prep & Practice: Academia                                             Spring 2015
4:15 – 5:45pm Tuesdays Mar. 31 – Jun. 2, 2015                                                       LK 130

Presentations, panels and workshops to help you succeed in your academic role of choice:

  • Successfully launching an academic career and moving toward tenure.

  • Understanding the culture and expectations for different roles within different institutions.

  • Time management, balancing faculty responsibilities, writing grant proposals and teaching. 

Industry Insights
This monthly series provides an opportunity for trainees to meet leaders from a variety of sectors who will share first-hand perspective and insights into their company’s technologies and professional opportunities.

Making the Most of Your Stanford Post Doctoral Training: A 4-Step Career Development Strategy
While a primary objective of postdoctoral training is to hone your scientific acumen, there is much to learn about yourself, your career options, and strategic career planning while you are here.  Attending this quarterly session introduces participants to a career development model and career center resources necessary to get the most out of your post doctoral training – from start to finish.

Professional Development and Skill Building in Medical and Life Sciences
This quarterly series provides an overview of functions performed by life scientists and clinicians within a variety of professional settings and an opportunity to develop skills and perspectives critical to success in the workplace.

  • Career Transition Planning (INDE 228): This Spring quarter course offers career exploration tools and exercises to help clarify your priorities, and introduces you to alumni, faculty and industry speakers from a variety of fields to highlight a wide range of settings where your skills are useful and relevant. 

  • Management Consulting Programming:  During Summer & Fall quarters, the SoMCC hosts global leaders in the management consulting field and facilitates a consulting case and practice group to help participants gain exposure to management consulting culture, application/interview requirements, and the skills required to excel in the profession.
  • Management Fundamentals:  Through the use of assessment and hands-on instruction by key leaders and managers in myriad industry sectors, this Winter quarter seminar provides an overview of the primary elements of workplace leadership, and of the many professional opportunities within business.

Speaker Series: Our speaker series provides introductions to leading authors and experts in life science research, clinical, and adjacent/related fields.

Program on Bio-entrepreneurship: Presented by experienced entrepreneurs and leading experts within the field, this three-part program provides direct visibility into the process by which life science technologies are converted into companies.

Feel free to check the SoMCC website often for these and similar offerings at Stanford University and across the Bay Area.




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