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The CEO Internship Program provides a unique opportunity for trainees to gain meaningful and practical work experience in a broad range of sectors, where scientists make significant contributions to research, education, business, policy, philanthropy and more.

Due to popular demand, the CEO Program has been opened to both trainees seeking internships and those seeking full-time opportunities.

An internship experience can broaden a trainee's understanding and perspective of their career options, and provide opportunities for professional growth, interpersonal skills development and networking.

What can you get from an internship?

An internship can help you:

On a national level:

Who can apply for the CEO program?

Stanford Graduate/Medical Students and Postdocs must

Population-specific eligibility:

Why the CEO Program?

The CEO program offers the curriculum and support necessary for trainees to explore and define careers of their choice. It provides a framework to determine the best internship opportunities for them, and the resources to navigate specialized postings or tailor their own experiences.

Nicholas Bayless

"I was able to access industry experience and skills that my lab didn't have and augment my training experience. If it weren't for that opportunity, I would not be as effective in my thesis lab as I am today."

—Nicholas Bayless, Immunology, on his short-term biotechnology industry experience at MedImmune

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