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The Stanford Medical 'Career Advisory Network' (CAN)

Information about your career background and experience is high in demand!  Through joining the network, you will be able to share information with other Stanford community members regarding your industry, professional areas of interest, and pathways travelled within your career.

In order that the network works properly, we invite you to join and make use of this system for your own career-related purposes.  In this way, our alumni can serve as their own best resource for one another, and provide a means for current trainees to learn about the career pathways traveled by our extended community of Stanford medical alums.

Stanford Medical 'Linked-In' Groups

Linked-In can be a valuable tool for networking.  It is a place where professionals from all backgrounds can maintain a profile, and where individuals can connect with one another directly or through introductions made via colleagues and/or associates shared in common.  To get started, simply establish an account and profile at:

LinkedIn logo

Once you have an account and a profile established, you can become a member of selected Linked-In ‘Groups’ where persons that share educational backgrounds and/or professional experiences and interests can connect with each other.  To join the Stanford Medical ‘Linked-In Group’, simply log-in to your Linked-In account and search for the group: SoM LinkedIn logo


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