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The School of Medicine Career Center is actively involved in bringing the members of our Alumni together, and developing opportunities for you to connect with one another and with current trainees in an area of common interest: biomedical science careers. Your own backgrounds and experiences represent an excellent repository of information, and you can be quite useful to one another by sharing insights and perspectives; we are glad to facilitate this process. Additionally, the School is committed to translational medicine, and our department is a clear reflection of this priority. Our programs and activities are inclusive of both clinical and research professionals, designed to stimulate the exchange of ideas among these groups, and serving to bridge any actual or perceived gaps that may exist in their interdependency.

Please be sure to maintain current information about your own career moves and developments with the Stanford University Medical Center Alumni Association, as we work closely with them to ensure the coordination and delivery of high-quality programs. We are dedicated to fostering an even greater sense of community and strengthening ties with members of our Alumni community from all backgrounds, and look forward to your participation and utilization of our programs and services.

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