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In the Spotlight: Neil Lineberry, Ph.D.

"Determining where your passions lie is the first step towards making the next step."

Stanford Affiliation: Graduate Student/ Postdoctoral Scholar
Department: Immunology
School: Medicine
Degree: Ph.D.
Industry: Biotechnology/Molecular Diagnostics
Position: Business Development
Location: Genomic Health, Redwood City

Neil Lineberry, Ph.D.

As I migrated through graduate school, I soon realized that there were many opportunities to help bring novel therapies to sick patients beyond bench research. My interests pointed me towards an environment with a faster pace and broader exposure to the many levels of science than academia could provide. After exploring various tracks, including management consulting, equities research at an investment bank, and commercial positions in biotech, I found that business development was the best fit for my long term goals. I am still able to leverage my science background while also interfacing with a multitude of other business areas with the goal to grow the company’s operations. I hope to gain industry experience and skills sets that will allow me to assume a leadership role at the crossroads of business and biomedical research.

My search began in earnest with a visit to the School of Medicine Career Center, and I highly recommend that everyone take advantage of this incredible resource. A key component of the switch was taking advantage of the Stanford network and alumni base to thoroughly research the career paths that I was considering, principally through networking and informational interviews. A second aspect was taking advantage of classes and side projects that would expose me in the business aspects of science, helping me understand what kind of position I wanted to pursue. After nearly a year of searching, I was fortunate to find a group of people who share my core values addressing areas of unmet medical need while also allowing me to focus on professional development.

Neil Lineberry
July 2008

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