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In the Spotlight: Badreddin Edris, PhD

Scientific research were applicable and valuable beyond the laboratory

Stanford Affiliation: Graduate Student
School: Medicine
Department: Genetics
Degree: PhD
Industry: Management Consulting
Company: Bain & Company
Position: Consultant
Location: Palo Alto, CA 

During graduate school, I had the opportunity to consult for several local biotechnology companies on a range of technical and strategic projects. These engagements helped me to realize that the skills I developed through scientific research were applicable and valuable beyond the laboratory. In particular, my dissertation work enabled me to hone my analytical abilities (framing complex problems, proposing and testing hypotheses, evaluating data, and communicating results), my presentation skills, and my aptitude for coming up to speed on new subject areas; taking on consulting projects allowed me to apply these skills to challenges with commercial implications. I also enjoyed the variety of projects and teamwork involved in tackling these consulting assignments.

As I began to evaluate my post-PhD career options, I looked for positions that would enable me to continue to work on high-impact problems in a fast-paced and collaborative environment with a steep learning curve. Management consulting fit the bill. I applied to several firms, and during the recruitment and interview process, I found the people at Bain & Company to be highly intelligent, energetic, and pragmatic. Further, I found Bain’s industry thought leadership, business capability expertise, and quality of clients to be second-to-none. When I was fortunate to receive an offer from Bain, choosing to accept the job proved to be a very easy decision.

I look forward to starting my post-academic career as a Consultant at Bain & Company, where I will work hard to build my business and management abilities while simultaneously contributing to the company’s mission of helping clients to achieve meaningful results and to set new standards of business excellence in their industries.

Badreddin Edris
August 2012

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