Participant Recruitment Services

The CCTO provides researchers with assistance in increasing awareness of, and recruitment to, clinical trials. The CCTO Outreach Specialist works with SCI faculty and research staff to gather and distribute information regarding SCI trials to patients, referring physicians and community groups.

The CCTO welcomes suggestions on conferences and venues where it can display cancer clinical trials information. For assistance, contact the CCTO Outreach Specialist or call 650-725-2839.

Services Provided

  • Collaborates on SCI representation at local cancer-related conferences and special events.
  • Informs patients, healthcare providers and community groups about Stanford cancer clinical trials that are open to accrual through monthly announcements.
  • Brainstorms about recruitment strategies and resources.
  • Writes Featured Trials articles and Newly Opened Studies Listings for the  Clinical Research Newsletter.

Involved in writing or production of the following publications: