Outline: Clinical Research


Steven Goodman, MD, MHS, PhD

Rita Popat, PhD

Objectives and Goals

Clinical Research is one of the seven Scholarly Concentration program’s Foundations. Required course work is designed to introduce students to the critical concepts that underpin clinical research. In addition to didactic instruction, students participate in the conduct of faculty-mentored, hypothesis-driven, clinical research projects. The projects may be descriptive (observational) or interventional in design.


Students who pursue Clinical Research in conjunction with an application area, such as Immunology, are required to complete 6 units, including either HRP 258 or HRP 259, and HRP 225:

HRP 258 Intro to probability and statistics for clinical research (3 units)

HRP 225 Design and conduct of clinical and epidemiologic studies (3 units)

For students interested in completing all 12 units required by the Scholarly Concentration program in Clinical Research, additional courses can be selected based upon specific interests and preferences. Students also may chose to build on their course work in the pursuit of a Master’s degree in Epidemiology, offered by our Department of Health and Research Policy.