Seed Grants

2016 Seed Grants for the Stanford Division of Cardiovascular Medicine

The Division of Cardiovascular Medicine is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.  We plan on funding up to 3 seed grants of $30,000-$35,000 to enable researchers to collect pilot data, conduct feasibility studies, and / or demonstrate interdisciplinary collaborations that would enhance funding applications to support our mission.  We are eager to support translational research that has the potential to change standard of care for our patients.



·         The proposed Principle Investigator must be on the faculty lines (UTL, MCL, CE) in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine.

·         Collaborations across faculty lines will be favored



·         Submits a major research application (i.e. NIH R01) within one year of the granting of the award

·         Presents at Cardiology Grant Rounds (Thursdays 8-9 am; Falk Library) within 6-9 months of the granting of the award


Questions? Please contact Crystal Botham PhD (Director, Strategic Research Development)


DUE DATE: October 31, 2016 11:59 PM



Application Guidelines

Submit one PDF file (suggested file name: Last name_2016_Seed_Grant.pdf) containing the following in the order listed below to:

Crystal Botham PhD,


1.       Title Page

Funding Announcement Title: 2016 Seed Grants for the Stanford Division of Cardiovascular Medicine

Project Title

PI Name, title, email address

Co-PI(s)/ Co-I(s) Name, title, department / division, email addresses


2.       Proposal project - Do not exceed 2 page in length including any figures, tables, or diagrams. Use one-half inch margins (top, bottom, left, and right) and Arial at least 12 points. Include:

·         Introduction – Background and critical unknowns or problems addressed by the proposed research

·         Innovation & Impact – What is novel or innovative? Describe any potential transformative shifts in the current research and / or clinical practice paradigms

·         Specific Aims – Proposed project’s goals


3.       References – Do not exceed 1 page. Include references for all cited literature.


4.       Describe how the proposed project will enhance a major research application (i.e. NIH R01) – Do not exceed 250 words. Awardees are expected to submit a major research application (i.e. NIH R01) based on the seed grant proposal within one year of the granting of the award.


5.       Biographical Sketch for PI and Co-PI(s)/Co-I(s) – Use NIH format ( and limit to no more than five (5) pages for each biosketch.


6.       Budget Outline and Justification – Not to exceed 1 page. Project must be completed within one year. Funding can include support salary (PI, Co-PIs, Co-I(s), postdoctoral scholars, research staff) and supplies. Any unused funds will revert to the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine after one year of the granting of the award.


Review Criteria:

·         Does the proposal address an important problem?

·         What will be the effect of these studies on the concepts, methods and technologies that drive this field?

·         Is the conceptual framework, design, methods and analyses adequately developed?

·         To what extent does the proposal enhance or augment the PI’s future research application (i.e. R01)?

·         Is the PI well suited to lead the project?



Submitted proposals may be shared with prospective donors.