Data Security Program

Reporting a Lost or Stolen Device

All SoM Community Members

  1. Immediately notify the Stanford University Privacy Office

    Once you realize your device has been lost or stolen, immediately contact the Stanford University Privacy Office. There is a link on the right side of their page directly to report a loss or theft. There are a number of federal and state privacy laws which may require Stanford to take very specific actions within very defined timelines. It is essential that the Privacy Office be notified immediately. The Privacy Office will work with you to gather all of the relevant facts to ensure Stanford complies with all of our privacy obligations.

  2. Report the loss or theft to the police

    Notify local law enforcement in the jurisdiction where the device was stolen (Stanford Police on campus, or the local police in other locations). Be sure you collect the case number and primary police contact for the case.

  3. Notify your manager of the theft or lost device

    You will also want to include your local IT support personnel for assistance with restoring your backed-up data to a replacement device.

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