Grant Writing

OFDD offers workshops throughout the year on K- and R-series grant applications.

OFDD R01 Countdown Program

Getting a NIH R01 or R21 grant application funded is a key aspect of promotion for many junior faculty. OFDD’s R01 Countdown is a 4-month program that provides detailed weekly instructor and small group feedback on junior faculty’s NIH R-series grant submissions.

Program participants meet weekly as a small group with a grant writing instructor in 90-minute sessions. The first four classes focus on mastering specific grantsmanship and scientific writing strategies.  Weekly homework assignments focus on improving one’s own grant sections and editing colleagues’ sections, particularly the specific aims and introduction (the response to reviewers for a resubmission).  The remaining classes focus on constructive critiques of one’s own and colleagues’ drafts of grant sections using the strategies learned in the first four classes.  Each week, 3-4 faculty members will present drafts for 20-30 minutes each; are expected to present their drafts 4 times during the 4-month course; and are expected to attend 75% of the 15 weekly sessions (i.e., 11 classes minimum).  

Michaela Kiernan, PhD

Senior Research Scientist at the Stanford Prevention Research Center.  She is the Principal Investigator of NIH R01-funded grants examining the efficacy of behavioral obesity interventions and has expertise in clinical and community research methods and statistics.  Dr. Kiernan served as a standing member of the NIH Psychosocial Risk and Disease Prevention (PRDP) behavioral medicine study section from 2008-2012 and is currently a member of the NIH PRDP Member Conflict study section.  Dr. Kiernan has taught highly recommended scientific writing and grantsmanship workshops for OFDD for ten years, mentored minority faculty fellows for six years at the School of Medicine Center of Excellence, and been awarded multiple Stanford divisional teaching and mentorship awards.

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For more information on grantwriting workshops:

OFDD’s Senior Advisor for Faculty Development, Dr. Laure Aurelian, offers one-on-one grant mentoring for faculty. Please contact Dr. Laure Aurelian for more information.

Dr. Irving Kessler, who has conducted epidemiology-based studies for many years, is also available to assist faculty members in assuring that their proposals meet the standards of epidemiology in patient selection, study conduct and outcome determination. Please contact Dr. Kessler directly for more information.

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