Diversity and Outreach Programs

The Diversity office of the Genetics Department at Stanford University commits itself to increasing and supporting diversity. Our focus is on our PhD trainees, as well as our post-doctoral scholars. Besides having a focus on the increase and support of underrepresented minorities in science, our diversity efforts also focus on those from low-income, first generation (neither parent has a bachelor's degree), sexual orientation, gender and embracing those from backgrounds not typical in science.

Examples of activities, services and initiatives include:

  • Recruitment at targeted conferences and universities with diverse populations
  • Guidance on the application process
  • Undergraduate summer research training via partnership with SSRP
  • Individualized tracking, support and guidance for PhD trainees, post-doctoral scholars and alumni.
  • An annual Diversity Retreat
  • An annual career exploration trip to Washington DC
  • Support and partnership with BioAIMS minority PhD
  • Advisors of the SACNAS Stanford Chapter undergraduate student group
  • Partners with Stanford's annual graduate Diversity Week
  • Partners with Stanford's STANDOUT COIRR training for directors of diverse undergraduate preparation programs
  • A general resource for those interested in supporting diversity!


Genetics students, faculty, and diversity staff travel across the country to universities and conferences such as ABRCMS and SACNAS inviting undergraduate students to learn about what Stanford has to offer in terms of diversity in education, experience, and lifestyle. We discuss what Stanford and the Genetics Department is like, what we are looking for in a student, how to apply to the graduate program, and what it is like once you get here.


Please note that the Genetics Diversity Office does not cover any expenses such as tuitions or stipends. The Diversity office also does not offer any scholarships. However as a PhD student you would be covered with tuition and a stipend over $30,000.

Creating A Diverse Community of Scholars

As a campus community committed to diversity, we are committed and equipped to engage with our future and prospective students in a meaningful and productive partnership. We hope that you explore the website to learn more about the culture of Stanford University and the unparallel opportunities for students, post-docs, educators, administrators, and researchers in all disciplines of science.

If you are interested in receiving more information about the Genetics PhD program, or SSRP please feel free to contact Anita Blanco, Director of Diversity Recruitment and Engagement at ablanco@stanford.edu. Additionally, if you are interested in visiting Stanford University, or if you would like us to visit your school, please let us know and we will see how you can be accommodated.