Graduate Medical Education

Standard Process Description: ED Valet For On-Call Emergency Responding Staffs

To learn more about the valet parking option for on-call emergency response housestaff, please download and read the specifics outlined in this document (linked above).


Taxi Vouchers for Residents and Fellows

The Office of Graduate Medical Education provides taxi vouchers to any resident or fellow who feels too tired to drive home safely after a long work shift.  Please note that the vouchers are only to be used in the event a trainee is unfit to safely drive home.  The voucher is good for a one time, two-way ride in a Yellow Cab from SHC to the trainee's home then back to SHC at no cost to the trainee.

If you have any questions regarding this program please call the GME Office at (650) 723-5948
or Email:

Location of Voucher Pick-Up: Taxi vouchers may be obtained either in the GME Office on the 4th floor (HC 435) or at the SHC Security Office after hours or on weekends. The Security Office is located at Room H0258 (Ground Floor of hospital, take the escalators down, turn left, then left again at the next corridor, office is on your left‐hand side, follow the signs). Security Office phone: 650.723.7222, open 24 hours.

Trainees will be asked to show their SHC Housestaff Photo ID badge, sign a log-sheet and provide their program name, number of hours worked, and provider ID. 

Schedule a Taxi: The voucher/card is good for a one-way, one-time ride home with Yellow Checker Cab Company.  To schedule a pick-up, residents and fellows should first pick up the voucher, and then call the Yellow Cab at (650) 321-1234.


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