Graduate Medical Education

Exiting House Staff

House Staff Checkout Sheet(PDF)
Must be completed and returned to the GME office in order to receive Final Paycheck. Final Paycheck is NOT a direct deposit.

Information Security Exit Process  (PDF)
The Information Security Exit Form must also be completed and returned with the checkout sheet to the GME office.


REMINDER: HealthySteps to Wellness and Health Claims Reimbursement before Employment Termination

If you are terminating employment mid-year with Stanford Health Care, here are a couple of things you need to do with regards to HealthySteps to Wellness program and using your funds from your Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Incentive Account.

5/28/2015 – If participating in the wellness program, May 28th is your last day to complete any required wellness activities and challenges to earn wellness incentive funds. If you earn wellness incentive funds by May 28th, funds will be deposited to your HealthEquity account by 6/12/2015. To view 2015 Wellness Incentive Funding Schedule, visit 2015 Wellness Incentive Schedule (PDF).

6/30/2015 – If you are terminating on June 30th (or other mid-year termination date), you must incur all healthcare expenses prior to employment termination. You must submit all Health Care and/or Health Incentive Account claims to HealthEquity no later than 90 days of date of termination with SHC.


COBRA and Benefits Information for Terminating Employees

COBRA and Benefits Information for Terminating Employees (PDF)

Your current Stanford Health Care benefits elections will be affected by your upcoming employment termination. The documents above provide you information on what will happen to your benefits when you terminate employment from Stanford Health Care (SHC).

Additional plan details are also available in the SHC Plan documents, Summary Plan Description (SPD) Booklets and Health Plan Booklets, found on the HealthySteps website: The specific terms of coverage, exclusions, and limitations are contained in the Plan documents. If there is a conflict between the documents above and the Plan documents, the Plan documents will govern. Stanford Health Care reserves the right to review, change, or end any benefit for any reason.

For benefits inquiries, you can visit the HealthySteps website or speak to a Benefitsolver Rep:

  • HealthySteps Website: – Login with your Employee ID# or “housestaff”
  • Benefitsolver Team: 855.327.5025 (Mon-Fri, 5am-5pm Pacific)
  • Benefits Enrollment Portal:





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