Stanford Health Promotion Network

The Stanford Health Promotion Network (SHPN) is an association of employers, health plans, medical care providers, and local government officials who aim to improve employee health and productivity through focused health promotion initiatives and strategies.

The mission of the Stanford Health Promotion Network is to:


  • Implement best practices and cost-effective wellness programs
  • Improve the health of the community
  • Demonstrate the impact of these efforts

The goals of the Stanford Health Promotion Network are to:

  • Establish wellness and prevention goals as an agenda for the Bay Area
  • Build a network of organizations committed to health improvement
  • Identify obstacles that inhibit health promotion opportunities
  • Measure the effect of incentives that encourage healthy lifestyle
  • Implement best practices in the field of health promotion
  • Measure "return on investment"

For more information about the network contact:

Patty Purpur
Fax: 888.796.1699
Phone: 408.891.3553

The SHPN’s motto is: "Changing the Face of Healthcare Together"