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The Health Improvement Program is happy to provide you with nutritious recipes created by a Registered Dietitian.

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BeWell Balanced Meals

Jimmy V's Sports Café is the next campus eatery partnering with BeWell to provide a BeWell meal option. You can make any full or half order at Jimmy V's a BeWell meal by adding a side of steamed veggies or small salad for only $2.

The BeWell meal concept began at Arbuckle Café last year and has received many praises since the launch. BeWell and Bon Appetite Cafe are working together to make it easier to select a healthy lunch.
To qualify, half the plate be will be veggies, one quarter lean protein, and one quarter carbohydrates. Look for the BeWell icon at Arbuckle Café.
Download a BeWell Healthy Plate guide. Eat the Rainbow. Ideas for meals including recipes.