Health Services Research Division

Health Services Research is concerned with the organization, financing, delivery and outcomes of health care. Students learn to address complex health care problems with a working knowledge of biostatics, business, economics, engineering, epidemiology, ethics, medicine, psychology, public policy, law and sociology. The Division of Health Services Research is part of the Department of Health Research and Policy, and it is physically located on the Stanford School of Medicine campus. Its primary activities include:

  • Research and analysis of health care delivery and medical interventions, with the aim of providing higher quality, more efficient and less expensive medical care to populations.
  • Advancing knowledge in Health Services Research through educational programs for students interested in pursuing careers in

Division Strengths

Stanford Health Services Research is particularly strong in analysis of the effects of financial incentives, organizational structures and government policies on the health care delivery system. Our students and scholars benefit from interdisciplinary collaborations with the shared faculty of Stanford's #1 ranked graduate programs in many fields — statistics, computer science, biological sciences, medicine, genetics, genomics and bioinformatics.

The Division offers a PhD and Masters Degree (MS) programs in health policy.  

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Health Research & Policy

Health Services Research is a division in the Department of Health Research and Policy (HRP). The department provides the analytical foundation for research conducted at the Stanford School of Medicine, offering expertise on collecting and interpreting scientific evidence essential to improving human health.