Master of Science Degree in Health Policy

Core Requirements

A total of 45 units are required for the MS degree in Health Policy.  Transfer credit is not accepted.  

Students must maintain an overall 3.0 (B) grade average or higher in graded courses.

Four courses are required of all students.  Students must also choose a concentration:  clinical decision-making, empirical methods, health policy, or implementation science.  Students must take the corresponding required course with each concentration.

Required Core Courses, Quarters Offered

Fall:            HRP 392.  Analysis of Costs, Risks and Benefits of Health Care (4 units)

Winter:      HRP 261.  Intermediate Biostatistics:  Analysis of Discrete Data (3 units)
                     HRP 391.  Health Care Regulation, Finance and Policy (3 units)

Spring:      HRP 262.  Intermediate Biostatistics:  Regression, Prediction, Survival Analysis (3 units)

Any:            HRP 399.  Graduate Research (a total of 12 units or more of thesis research, usually in second year)

Plus 1 of the following Concentration Courses:

Winter:      HRP 218.  Methods for Health Care Delivery Innovation, Implementation and Evaluation (2 units) (Implementation Science Concentration)
                     HRP 263.  Advanced Decision Science Methods and Modeling in Health (3 units) (Clinical Decision Making Concentration)

Spring:      HRP 252.  Outcomes Analysis (4 units) (Empirical Methods Concentration)
                     HRP 256.  Economics of Health and Medical Care (5 units) (Health Policy Concentration)

Plus 2 additional elective courses from the suggestions below, based on the student's individualized development plan, and approved by the student's advisor.  Other electives may be approved by the Program Director.

Fall:              HRP 259.  Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Epidemiology (3 units)
                                            (Recommended for students with limited backgrounds in statistics)
                        HRP 223.  Data Management in SAS (2 units)
                        HRP 234.  Engineering Better Health Systems, Modeling and Public Health (4 units)
                        HRP 264.  Foundations of Statistical and Scientific Inference (1 unit)
                        HRP 254.  Quality and Safety in U.S. Health Care (3 units)
                        MED 273.  Biodesign for Mobile Health (1-3 units)
                        HRP 229.  Spectrum Scholars Seminar (1 unit)

 Winter:        HRP 206.  Meta-Research:  Appraising Research Finding, Bias, & Meta-Analysis (3 units)
                        HRP 219.  Evaluating Technologies for Diagnosis, Prediction and Screening (3 units)
                        GSBGEN 551:  Innovation and Management in Health Care (2 units)
                        STATS 216:  Introduction to Statistical Learning (3 units)
                        HRP 229.  Spectrum Scholars Seminar (1 unit)

Spring:         HRP 249.  Topics in Health Economics (2-5 units)
                        HRP 251.  Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials (3 units)
                        HRP 292.  Advanced Statistical Methods for Observational Studies (2-3 units)
                        MED 236.  Economics of Infectious Disease and Global Health (3 units)
                        HRP 229.  Spectrum Scholars Seminar (1 unit)                  

Required for students funded by NIH training grants:

Fall, Winter, Spring:  MED 255.  The Responsible Conduct of Research (1 unit) - OR - 
Fall, Winter, Spring:  MED 255C.  The Responsible Conduct of Research for Clinical and Community Researchers (1 unit)

Note:  ECON 102A and ECON 102B may be substituted for HRP 261 and HRP 262 with advisor approval.  (Students without prior training in statistics are strongly encouraged to enroll in STATS 141 or HRP 259 prior to enrolling in HRP 261 and HRP 262.)

Year 1 Sample MS Degree Program in Health Policy


Course   Units Total
  First Quarter: Autumn    
HRP 392 Analysis of Costs, Risks, and Benefits of Health Care  4  
HRP 259* Introduction to Probablility and Statistics for Epidemiology 3  
HRP 254* Quality and Safety in U.S. Health Care 3  
  Total for Autumn Quarter   10
  Second Quarter: Winter    
HRP 263 Advanced Decision Science Methods and Modeling 3  
HRP 261 Intermediate Biostatistics: Analysis of Discrete Data 
HRP 391 Health Care Regulation, Finance and Policy 3  
  Total for Winter Quarter   9
  Third Quarter: Spring    
HRP 262 Intermediate Biostatistics: Regression, Prediction, Survival Analysis (STATS 262) 3  
HRP 249* Topics in Health Economics 2  
HRP 252 Outcomes Analysis 4  
HRP 399 Graduate Research
  Total for Spring Quarter   10

*Elective Courses