Excellence and innovation in research endeavors



Research in the division is broad based and encompasses fundamental laboratory based research, clinical/translational research and research in education.  The broad categories of research endeavors include:

  • Human microbiome in health and disease (David Relman MD)
  • Fungal Infections (David Stevens MD)
  • Global health and tropical medicine (Jason Andrews MD, Steven Luby, MD, Michele Barry MD, Cybele Renault MD TPM & H)
  • Immune response to infections (Catherine Blish MD PhD, Paul Bollyky MD PhD)
  • Chronic diseases associated with infection or immune responses (Jose Montoya MD)
  • Viral infections, including Hepatitis C, Ebola, dengue (Shirit Einav MD, Mark Holodniy MD)
  • HIV therapy and antiretroviral resistance (Robert Shafer MD, Philip Grant MD, Edward Brooks, David Katzenstein MD)
  • Pathogenesis of Entamoeba histolytica (Upinder Singh MD)
  • Transplant associated infectious diseases (Dora Ho PhD MD, Aruna Subramanian MD, Jose Montoya MD)
  • New diagnostics in clinical microbiology and virology  Niaz Banaei MD (Pathology), Benjamin Pinsky MD PhD (Pathology)
  • Antibiotic stewardship (Stanley Deresinski MD, Marisa Holubar MD)
  • Hospital epidemiology and molecular epidemiology of healthcare associated infections Lucy S Tompkins MD PhD (Stanford), Aarthi Chary MD (PAVAH)


For more information about each faculty’s research focus, please go to the Stanford University CAP profiles.

Clinical Care and Teaching

Several faculty are primarily focused on clinical care and teaching, in three infectious diseases consulting clinical services at Stanford (General Infectious Diseases, Immunocompromised Host Service, and the Non-Teaching Service) including Brian Blackburn MD, Stanley Deresinski MD, Dora Ho MD,  Marisa Holubar MD, Shanthi Kappagoda MD, Andrew Nevins MD, Aruna Subramanian MD, Gina Suh MD, and Dean Winslow MD.

Administrative and Leadership Positions

In addition, faculty in the division hold important administrative and leadership positions in the School of Medicine, the University, and Stanford Hospitals and Clinics and the Palo Alta Veterans Administration Hospital:

Division Chief

Clinical Chief

Stanford Center for Innovation in Global Health

Internal Medicine Residency Program for Global Health

MSTP Program, School of Medicine

Co-Director, Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC)

Chair, Administrative Panel on Biosafety

Co-Chair, Administrative Panel on Biosafety

Chair, California Consortium for the Assessment of Clinical Competence

Associate Course Director, Practice of Medicine

Antimicrobial Stewardship Program Stanford Hospital and Clinics

Hospital Epidemiology/Stanford Infection Prevention and Control Department

  • Lucy S Tompkins MD PhD/Director
  • Marisa Holubar MD/Assoc. Director