Catherine Hartzell
Mentor:  Richard Lewis
Research:  Calcium influx regulates actin dynamics, ER remoduling and CRAC channel localization at the immune synapse
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow

Alexander Louie
Mentor:  David Schneider
Research:  Defining the shape of disease space
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow

Peder Lund
Mentor:  Mark Davis
Research:  A global analysis of proteins modified by O-linked N-acetylglucosamine in activated human T cells
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow

James Torchia
Mentor:  Ron Levy
Research:  Testing lymphoma with precision using semi-synthetic peptibodies
Current position:  Resident Physician, Massachusetts General Hospital

Gloria Yiu
Mentor:  PJ Utz 
Research:  Interferon signaling in lupus-prone mice and systemic lupus erythematosus
Current position:   Medical Student, Stanford University School of Medicine

Class of 2014

Maya Benbarak
Mentor:  Stephen Galli & Irv Weissman
Research:  Granulocyte hematopoiesis
Current position:  Planning and Portfolio Manager at Genentech

Michael Birnbaum
Mentor:  K. Christopher Garcia
Research:  Deconstructing the peptide-MHC specificity of T cell recognition
Current position:  Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Engineering, MIT

Marc Bruce
Mentor:  Manish Butte
Research:  Combined and applied atomic force and confocal microscopy to elucidate the activation threshold of T cells  
Current position:  Co-founder/CTO of Microvolution, LLC.

Aleshia Harris-Arnold
Mentor:  Olivia Martinez
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Gerton Lab, Stowers Institute for Medical Research

Steven Schaffert
Mentor:  C.Z. Chen  
Research:  Investigating the role of microRNAs in T cell development and function
Current position:  Data scientist, Kabam, Inc.

Anjali Shastri
Mentor:  John Boothroyd
Research:  How the parasite Toxoplasma gondii manipulates the hostimmune response
Current position:  Global Health Policy Advisor, US Department of State, Office of Global Health Diplomacy

Trisha Stan
Mentor:  Tony Wyss-Coray
Research:  Investigating the influence of the immune system on the brain in neurodegenerative disease and dementia
Current position:  Fellow/Lecturer, Program for Writing and Rhetoric, Stanford University. 

Class of 2013

Khoa Nguyen
Mentor:  Ajay Chawla & Lawrence Steinman
Research:  Regulation of innate immune cell homeostasis by immune and nutrient signaling
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Engleman Lab, Pathology, Stanford University

Michael Strohman
Mentor:  Betsy Mellins
Research:  MHC class II protein turnover in antigen presenting cells
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Kolbilka Lab, Stanford University

Ming Cheah
Mentor:  Irv Weissman
Research:  Molecular mechanisms causing poor patient survival in bladder cancer
Current position:  Associate, McKinsey & Company

Class of 2012

Christopher Arnold
Mentor:  C.Z. Chen
Research:  miRNAs and stem cell self-renewal
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Stowers Institute for Medical Research

Regina Cheung
Mentor:  P.J. Utz
Research:  Transcriptional, proteomic, and functional analysis of cytokine-secreting plasmacytoid dendritic cells
Current position:  Disease Area Manager, Cardiovascular Resource Group, LLC

Peter Choi
Mentor:  Dean Felsher
Research:  The DNA damage response and MYC tumor regression
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Broad Institute and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Matthew Davidson
Mentor:  Ed Engleman
Research:  T-helper cells regulate the formation and function of specialized dendritic cell subsets in inflamed tissue:  implications for multiple sclerosis
Current position:  Scientist, Applied Immunology; CEO, Think Gum LLC

Zhaoqing Ding
Mentor:  Tony Wyss-Coray
Research:  How TGF- signaling in the CNS promotes T cell accumulation and its contribution to immune-mediated CNS disease
Current position:  Scientist, Crucell Vaccine Institute, a Johnson & Johnson company

Sharon Goh
Mentor:  Lawrence Steinman & Ajay Chawla
Research:  Eosinophil-derived IL-4 stimulates hepatocyte proliferation to promote liver regeneration
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Singapore

Olivia Hatton
Mentor:  Olivia Martinez  
Research:  Survival signals in Epstein-Barr virus B cell lymphomas
Current position:  Assistant Professor, Colorado College

Wen Qi Ho
Mentor:  Jerry Crabtree
Research:  The nuclear kinase Dyrk1a is essential for cell cycle regulation during T cell development
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Singapore Immunology Network (SIgN), Singapore

Xianne Leong
Mentor:  Ed Engleman
Research:  Role of immune system in colon cancer development
Current position:  co-CEO, Magnifi; Postdoctoral Fellow, Singapore

Christina Meyer
Mentor:  Yueh-hsiu Chien
Research:  Recognition of hapten molecules by yδ T cells
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow at EMD Serono, Inc.

Amy Palin
Mentor:  David Lewis
Research:  Mechanisms for decreased neonatal T-cell immunity  
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, National Institutes of Health

Lori Phillips
Mentor:  Olivia Martinez
Research:  Neuroimmunolgy: immunologic response to allogeneic stem cell transplants in the brain
Current position:  Entrepreneur; Founder of Rocko's Ice Cream Tacos, LLC

Jordan Price
Mentor:  P.J. Utz
Research:  Evolution of peptide proteomics platforms for biological discovery and personalized medicine
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley

Kavya Rakhra
Mentor:  Dean Felsher
Research:  The effects of the immune system on tumorigenesis
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Darryl Irvine lab, MIT

Yann Chong Tan
Mentor:  Bill Robinson
Research:  Intersection of microarray analyses and genome-wide association studies to identify novel targets in rheumatoid arthritis
Current position:  Chief Technologist, Atreca, Inc.; Postdoctoral Fellow, Singapore

Class of 2011

Michael Alonso
Mentor:  Ed Engleman
Research:  Role in autoimmune disease of functionally distinct human dendritic cell subsets 
Current position:  Manager, Cellular Immunity Laboratory, Stanford University

Matthew Clutter
Mentor:  Garry Nolan
Research:  Network analysis and drug target identification in mast cells
Current position:  Screening Research Scientist, Northwestern University

Oliver Crespo
Mentor:  Bill Robinson
Research:  Characterization of Fms in RA
Current position:  Senior Scientist, Reagent and Application Development, BD Sciences, San Jose, CA

Jake Fathman
Mentor:  Irv Weissman
Research:  Fate decisions in natural killer cell development
Current position:  Scientist, Genomics Institute of Novartis

Lisa McGinnis
Mentor:  Calvin Kuo
Research:  Cross-talk between the hypoxia-sensing pathway and the insulin-signaling pathway
Current position:  Resident, Pathology, Stanford University School of Medicine

Kasey Sachen
Mentor:  Ron Levy
Research:  Studies of B cell receptors of follicular lymphoma
Current position:  Staff Scientist, Takeda San Diego, Inc.

Christina Swanson
Mentor:  Bill Robinson
Research:  Existence of antibody reactivity towards lipids in multiple sclerosis
Current position:   Senior Scientist, Diagnostics for All

Adrianne Vasey
Mentor:  Rob Negrin
Research:  Role of APCs in GVHD induction
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow and Lecturer, Pennsylvania State University

Michael Wong
Mentor:  P.J. Utz
Research:  Role of Th17 cells in various autoimmune diseases
Current position:  Research Fellow, Singapore Immunology Network (SIgN)

Class of 2010

Jessica Allen Linderman
Mentor:  Judith Shizuru
Research:  Lymphocyte reconstitution post allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Mohr Lab, NYU Langone Medical Center, NY

Jeff Campbell
Mentor:  Mark Davis
Research:  The effect of limiting TCR CDR1 and CDR2 diversity on adaptive immunity
Current position:  Executive Chef, Silvies Valley Ranch, Seneca, Oregon

Kenneth Gibbs
Mentor:  Garry Nolan
Research:  Novel applications for flow cytometry
Current position:  Cancer Prevention Postdoctoral Fellow, National Cancer Institute

Andrew Girvin
Mentor:  Mark Davis
Research:  T cell activation with different ligands
Current position:  Forward Deployed Engineer, Palantir Technologies

Matthew Goldstein
Mentor:  Levy
Research:  Immunostimulatory therapies for lymphoma
Current position:  Resident Physician, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Nicole Hannick Kattah
Mentor:  P.J. Utz
Research:  Development of peptide-MHC arrays for studying autoimmune T cell responses in lupus and diabetes
Current position:  Student Associate, Finnegan Law Firm

Lena Ho
Mentor:  Jerry Crabtree
Research:  Chromatin regulation in pluripotency
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Laboratory of Bruno Reversade, Singapore

Angela Landrigan
Mentor:  P.J. Utz
Research:  Immune evasion through TLR signaling in cancer cells
Current position:  Product and Community Manager, Cytobank Inc

Eric Mabery
Mentor:  David Schneider
Research:  The role of TNF/eiger in Drosophila immunity
Current position:  CEO, Biotech firm

Ricardo Paniagua
Mentor:  Bill Robinson
Research:  Characterization of tyrosine kinases in RA
Current position:  Assistant Professor, Dermatology, UT Southwestern

Ken Schulz
Mentor:  Garry Nolan
Research:  B1 cell signaling
Current position:  
Market Planning Manager, Genentech

Lu-En Wai
Mentor:  Sheri Krams
Research:  NK cell and dendritic cell interactions
Current position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Laboratory of Jean-Pierre Abastado, Singapore