McDevitt Prize Winners

The Hugh McDevitt Prize recognizes and awards a graduating PhD candidate in the Immunology Program for excellence in his or her doctoral dissertation research. The PhD candidate shall be chosen from a group of candidates who have defended and submitted their thesis to the Registrar in a given academic year.

Selection of the McDevitt Fellow will take place at the Immunology Program's Asilomar Retreat. The McDevitt Fellow shall be awarded $1,000.

Criteria for Excellence

The candidate’s doctoral dissertation research is judged by the Immunology Program’s Executive Committee to be of the highest quality in immunological research.


Immunology Program faculty interested in nominating their graduate students must submit the following:

a. A nomination cover letter (provided by the Faculty advisor)

b. a curriculum vitae and the fellowship nomination sheet (provided by the student)

c. a brief outline of the dissertation project (provided by the student, no more than 400 words, double-spaced).

d. Two letters by Stanford faculty members evaluating the quality of the research project and its successful and timely completion. 

Contact Maureen Panganiban for more information.

Past Winners