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Polling or quizzing the audience

What is audience polling?

Would you like to get immediate feedback on a concept you are teaching during class? Find out what students know about the subject before you begin your lecture? Ask multiple choice questions and view projected histograms immediately and share the results with your students? The School of Medicine has polling equipment to accomplish these goals.

Watch Dr. Meyer test students' knowledge

What are examples of successful audience polling sessions?

1. Group discussions on ideas that students may disagree on, especially ethical or other debatable questions
2. Polling within lectures to check students’ understanding of concepts at the beginning, middle, or end of a session
3. Asking students whether you’re moving too fast or not to help pace your lecture.
4. Review sessions where faculty want to know which questions students already know and which ones to spend time discussing.

How do I use audience polling?

Educational Technology has a mobile polling system of over 100 polling keypads for use in any LKSC or Team Learning Classroom that can be reserved for use in classrooms that we schedule . Email or call 650 723-6952 to reserve the keypads for your session. Please specify how many keypads you would like and what time you want them set up and removed. After you make a reservation, you will be contacted by staff who can help you learn how to use polling in your sessions.

For the mobile polling system, Educational Technology normally sets up the polling system 10 minutes before your scheduled session. The keypads will be set out for your session so just remind student to pick up a keypad as they enter the room and return them when the session is finished.

Polling System Available for Checkout at Lane Library

The Lane Library now has a mobile set of polling devices available for 24 hour checkout to be used at any of your events. The set comes with a USB polling receiver, a hand-held polling receiver, 20 polling devices, and instructions and software, all packaged together in a convenient carrying case.

Reservations for the system can be made by e-mailing or calling the service desk at 650-723-6831.


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