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Barco 56" Quad HD LCD Display

Barco Quad HD LCD Display.

Barco Quad HD LCD Display.

What is the Barco Quad HD LCD display?

The Barco Quad HD LCD display (or "Barco" for short) is a super high resolution LCD monitor specifically designed for use in professional applications. The display features "quad" full High Definition (3840x2160 pixels), four times the resolution of traditional 1080P (1920x1080 pixels) displays.

The "Barco" allows users to display detailed images or schematics on a large 56" LCD display without having to sacrifice image resolution or quality. The Barco also has a wide viewing angle and large surface which is great in collaborative environments where detailed information is viewed by multiple participants.

What are some examples of successful Barco uses?

How do I use the Barco?

Using the Barco is very simple, as it functions as a normal computer, except with simply a larger and much higher resolution computer monitor.

For more information about the Barco and to schedule a training session with the Barco, contact Medscheduler at or call 650-723-6952.

The Barco is also moveable and can be used in almost any of our spaces. Simply specify that you would like to use the Barco at your session when you make your reservation.

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