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Broacasting and Remote Meetings

Find the right technology for the job:

Broadcast your presentation to many users in different locationsSolution: Webcast

The benefits of webcasting are to broadcast an event either live or on demand to many viewers across campus or around the world. Participants do not need expensive hardware to view the webcast; they only need a standard desktop computer with a network connection. Webcasting is a one-way technology that does not allow participants to communicate with the presenter(s) and does not offer high quality video.

Broadcast your presentation in high quality video to one remote locationSolution: High Quality Broadcast

HQ broadcasting sends event live to specific destinations via IP. The rooms must be outfitted with specific decoders or set-top boxes. The benefits are a very high quality image at the destination site. It is a one-way technology that does not allow participants to communicate with the presenter(s).

Allow users to access your presentation at a later timeSolution: Video On Demand (Downloadable Video)

This scenario is similar to a webcast, except video is recorded and published to a website for later viewing.

Interact with other people accross the world, quickly and easilySolution: Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing allows distant parties to achieve real-time interactive visual communication. This could be a private point-to-point conversation between two people or a multi-point conversation with colleagues in multiple locations anywhere in the world. With the rapid progress of technology and networking, videoconferencing has expanded beyond audio and video and includes the transmission of documents, computer-displayed information, and whiteboards.

The key benefits of videoconferencing are reduced travel time, rapid dissemination of ideas and information, and the ability to collaborate freely with colleagues at other Medical Schools. The technology also benefits students in the classroom as they are able to interact with experts in remote locations.

Collaborate on work with people aaccross the world, quickly and easilySolution: Online Meetings and Collaboration

Online meetings allow you to hold a virtual conference but also to do real-time collaborative authoring and shared demonstrations. EdTech does not support these systems but can provide assistance understanding your best options (WebEx, MedMeeting (Acrobat Connect), Marratech, iChat, etc).

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