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Sharing a laptop onto a projector with Desktop Sharing

What is Desktop Sharing?

Would you like to easily let students show their work on the main projector and explain it to the class? Do you want to monitor students’ progress by watching all their laptop computer screens at once? The School of Medicine supports Desktop Sharing on all their laptop computers that allows faculty to watch thumbnails of students’ computer screens, take control of student computers and project them on the wall, and pass files to student machines.

Watch a Practice of Medicine Desktop Sharing session (no sound)

What are examples of successful desktop sharing sessions?

1. Team learning and small group sessions like those in Radiology and Practice of Medicine give student groups unique cases to work on, then call on student computers so groups can present findings to the class
2. In library resource searching sessions, students perform web searches and faculty compare students’ findings by flipping through their screens
3. Computer software courses use remote desktop to view student screens and make certain no one is falling behind

How do I use Desktop Sharing?

Educational Technology maintains 28 Windows XP computers laptop computers that are available for use in spaces they schedule. The M112 Team Learning Classroom contains 18 Apple laptops. To reserve laptops for your session, email or call 650 723-6952. Specify how many computers you would like and what time you want them set up and removed. After you make a reservation, you will be contacted by Educational Technology staff who can help you learn how to use desktop sharing for your sessions.

Contact Educational Technology (650-723-6952 or to schedule a training session on desktop sharing.


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