LPCH Admin Guide to Managing Stanford Calendars

Lucile Packard Children's Hospital (LPCH) administrators can manage the Stanford online calendars that belong to School of Medicine (SOM) doctors. Before viewing or making changes to a doctor’s calendar, however, the admin must have a sponsored full-service SUNet ID account and the doctor must grant access to their calendar.

To set up calendar administration:

  1. LPCH admin: Request sponsorship for a full-service SUNet ID account. Even if you already have a base-level SUNet ID account, you will need a sponsored full-service account and its accompanying @stanford.edu email address.
    Send an email with your full name and University ID to your department’s SOM Department Finance Administrator.
    You can find your University ID in the LPCH portal. Note: This link may not work outside of the LPCH campus.
  2. SOM Department Finance Administrator: Sponsor the SUNet ID account.
    When sponsoring an existing base-level account or declining a sponsorship, send a personal email to the LPCH admin. If the admin doesn’t have a base-level account, create a new person record for them. The admin’s full name and date of birth are required to create this record.
  3. LPCH admin: Review the email message from the SOM Department Finance Administrator or the Stanford system.
    • If you have a SUNet ID, you will receive an email from the SOM Department Finance Administrator. New privileges will be available in four to six hours. Note: if you can’t remember your password, go toaccounts.stanford.edu and click Forgot Password to reset it.
    • If you do not have a SUNet ID, you will receive an automated email invitation from the Stanford system to create a SUNet ID. Your account has already been sponsored. Create your SUNet ID and then continue to step 4.
  4. LPCH admin: Send an email to the School of Medicine staff member requesting access to their calendar. The email should note your @stanford.edu email address.
  5. School of Medicine staff member: Share yourcalendar, specifying the following options:
    Share with — Internal users or groups
    Email — admin_email@stanford.edu
    Role — Manager or Admin
    • Manager: view, edit, delete, and add new items to the calendar
    • Admin: view, edit, delete, add new items, and share your calendar with others
    Message — Send standard message
    This video describes how to share your calendar.
  6. LPCH admin: Accept the share. Click Accept Share in the emailed invitation or log into the web calendarand accept the shared calendar.
    Notes: When scheduling meetings, be sure to select the correct staff member’s calendar.
    Always use the web calendar to manage other users' calendars or resource calendars. The Outlook Connector can be used to view shared calendars, but is not recommended for managing other calendars.