Acquiring or Developing a New Administrative System

If you are considering acquiring or building a new Administrative System, please contact us first. IRT provides consulting services that can help you determine the optimal system choice for your business needs:

  • Expanded use of University central systems
  • Acquisition of a new administrative system
  • Custom development of a new web-based administrative system

IRT also can provide a secure data center hosting environment for existing local administrative systems. Our data center is an enterprise-class fault tolerant facility that provides managed support services including security protection, backup and recovery services, automated monitoring to detect problems, operating system patches and production support for your hardware environment. Depending on your needs we can support your system on independent hardware or you can take advantage of our existing production infrastructure.

Examples of situations in which IRT hosting would be especially important include local systems (e.g., FMPro applications, other databases, or vendor applications) that have any of the following characteristics:

  • Provides critical support for your business;
  • Contains sensitive or protected data (e.g., social security numbers, student records, patient health records);
  • Suffers from infrequent backups;
  • Should be used by multiple people in your department but is currently limited to a single user
  • Needs to be accessible to a broad audience via the web.

In most cases these services are free to Dean's Office units and we are happy to talk through cost options for departmental systems. For more detail about these services please see Server Management .