Learning Spaces Scheduling & Support

Classroom Scheduling & Support

IRT's EdTech group manages a number of different learning spaces on the School of Medicine campus. These facilities include lecture halls, conference rooms, computer labs, specialized clinical teaching facilities and a large auditorium. EdTech staff will help you find and reserve a space for regularly scheduled courses, meetings and conferences. We can help you use the advanced presentation technologies in these spaces to enhance your sessions.

We also offer a variety of small group and individual study spaces inside Lane and around campus. Some of these spaces can be reserved by writing your name on a sign-up sheet outside the study space.

Planning an event on campus? Consider avoiding peak commute and parking.

Each week, hundreds of visitors are invited to the Stanford campus. If you are planning events on campus, you can make a difference by scheduling events so attendees are not arriving or departing during peak-commute times of 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 4:30 to 6 p.m, Monday through Friday.

Recommended alternate parking:

  • the parking structure on Roth Way and Campus Drive
  • the underground structure on Pasteur in front of the hospital (walk south through the campus to the Auditorium)
  • the parking structure in the area bounded by Stockfarm Rd, Welch Rd and Oak Rd. (Some specialized event parking will remain in this structure).

In summary, by considering peak-commute traffic and parking hours, you can improve your visitors' experience by having them travel and park during less congested, off-peak times. You also will help Stanford meet the "no net new peak-hour commute trips" goal in its General Use Permit (GUP). Every trip counts – whether it's a commuter or visitor trip. For more information, contact the transportation department at commuteclub@bonair.stanford.edu.