Course Videocapture

Educational Technology offers free video recording for courses and events in our spaces using our automated recording system. All videos are delivered as downloadable video files (.mp4 format) and audio files (mp3 format). We recommend viewing videos with the free QuickTime player (download), which also offers a feature for double-speed playback. We recommend that you use a high speed internet connection for downloading media (DSL, campus LAN, or Cable Modem) to reduce download times, as file sizes may be very large.

All events and courses interested in video capture should find a space and contact the scheduling office via our Classroom Reservations and Features site:

Video Posting Policy

Educational Technology systematically quality checks all posted videos the day after they are recorded. In the interest of expediting access, videos are posted automatically after they are captured, so they may not have been reviewed for technical issues prior to posting. Technical issues are fixed after the quality check occurs, and EdTech aims to resolve issues with videos within 2 business days (Mon-Fri). If a corrected video cannot be posted in that time frame, a note will be placed next to the session on the content page indicating the reason why.

Sample Videos

All events that request video capture will receive three video files per session captured: a presentation feed (anything that is sent to the projector), a camera feed (showing the presenter and the screen), and a picture-in-picture file (combines presentation feed+camera feed into one video file).

Presentation Feed

Camera Feed

Picture in Picture