Study Spaces Policy

This document outlines spaces available for group and individual student study and the policy around student use of those spaces.


  • Students may use these rooms when they are vacant and/or have not been scheduled for other use.
  • Sign-ups will be taken up to one day in advance on the daily sign-in sheet posted outside of each room.
  • Groups can sign up for the spaces for up to six hours at a time on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • In group study spaces, multiple students have priority over individuals. If an individual is studying in a group space and a group would like to use the space, the group has priority.
  • If an individual is studying in a group space and another individual(s) want to use the space to study as well, the space should be shared.
  • If a group is using a space designated for individual study and an individual wants to use the space, the individual has priority.
  • If a space is reserved by a group and is then left vacant for more than one hour, the reservation is forfeited and the room is free for another group’s use.
  • Books and materials left in group spaces for longer than one hour can be set aside by incoming group.
  • Books and materials left in spaces for longer than 24 hours will be turned in to Lane Library’s Lost and Found.
  • Spaces should be respected and left in good condition. Most spaces have recycle bins for cans and bottles nearby.
  • In rooms where there are whiteboards, please note that they will be cleaned daily. Groups may clean the whiteboard for their own use.

Contact Info

Learning Space Scheduling: 650-723-6952

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