Classroom Video Capture Policy

Educational Technology offers to Stanford School of Medicine community members free video capture of sessions occurring in supported spaces.

Advance Notice Required

One week's advance notice is required for all video capture requests. Educational Technology will make efforts to accommodate requests with shorter notice, but will evaluate these requests on a case-by-case basis.

Supported Spaces

Educational Technology is able to video capture in our venues equipped with supported AV equipment:

  • All classrooms in the LKSC.

Note: AV capture in M104, M106, M112, and M114 is no longer supported.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday (excluding University holidays)
7:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.

We can provide information on outside vendors for video recording services outside of these hours.

Regularly Supported Events

As budget and personnel permit, Educational Technology will video capture and stream in our supported venues the following activity types:

  1. All Preclinical required course lectures and supportive events in the M.D./Ph.D./Master's/Post-Doc curricula, such as Clerkship lectures, USMLE courses, Precept lectures, Scholarly concentration lectures, etc.
  2. Elective courses.
  3. "Town-hall" meetings with the Dean or other such addresses, special meetings convened by the hospital or Medical School such as the recent Nobel prize press conferences, lectures with special circumstances (such as putative attendees with officially-ordained conflicts)
  4. Upon request, Grand Rounds that are held in our taping venues
  5. Upon request, PCAP lectures

Special Events

Educational Technology will supply basic equipment and coordinate the video production for approved events within our supported spaces and hours of operation. Clients will pay for labor costs, additional equipment rental (if required), and the media (Digital tapes and DVD’s) for the following activity types:

  1. Conferences
  2. CME Activities
  3. Other conferences or events

Scheduling Information

Reservations should be made by contacting the scheduler at 723-6952 or

Educational Technology Downloadable Media Support

  • We support the downloading of video that we have not produced. Educational Technology encodes taped video and hosts downloadable media from the IRT video server. Please contact our scheduling office for more details.

NOTE: Each lecturer is required to sign a video release form prior to video capture. If a faculty member/speaker is hesitant to sign the form, they will be given the option of allowing us to capture the session first to a secure, private file server. If they then decide to sign the form, the recording will be released to its final destination. If they decide not to sign the form, the lecture will be purged (deleted) from the video server.