Request Bastion Access

If you need to gain access to irt-bastion, submit a help ticket to IRT Security and supply the following information:

For a new user:

  • Name
  • SUnet ID
  • Email address
  • Department/Group
  • Resources needed: either access to a specific server ("irt-db-01 port 1521") or "similar access to ____" (referring to a specific person in your group who already has bastion access)

For a new resource:

  • Department/Group that needs access:  like "CCI" or "Mark's group"
  • Resource needed:  specific server, like "irt-db-01 port 1521"


Need Help?

For more about Duo Security enrollment, and answers to some frequently asked questions, visit their user guide, at For help with Bastion, Duo Security, Pulse, or anything else, file a help ticket with IRT Security.