FAQ: IRT Information Security Services

Look below for answers to your question. If you still need help, file a help ticket and we'll answer your questions.

Who do I contact IF:

  • My computer or phone is lost or stolen? -- See the Data Security Page
  • My computer is having technical problems? -- Contact Desktop Support by filing a help ticket or calling the help line: x5-8000
  • My computer might be infected or virusy/SCEP says I have a virus? -- Contact local desktop support and/or file a help ticket with IRT Information Security Services.
  • I got a DMCA notice? --See Reporting a Security Incident
  • I'm getting lots of spam? -- See our Spam page for more info. There's no need to contact us unless it's an email scam that almost got you; regular spam is unfortunately a part of life.
  • I accidentally clicked on a link in a spam email? -- See our Spam page for more info. Just in case, you should probably change your SUNetID password and your other important passwords, be on the lookout for strange activity on your computer, and file a help ticket.
  • I need to modify a firewall rule? -- See the IRT security Firewall page
  • I want to get my computer on the Stanford network at the VA Hospital? -- See the VA: SLE page.
  • I want to get my computer on the SUMCnet? -- SUMCnet page
  • I have questions about HIPAA and about information privacy? -- See the HIPAA Contact page -- University Privacy Officer; SoM Privacy Officer
  • I have general computer security questions? -- Contact Information Security Services

How do I:

Where can I find: