LGBTQ Medical Education Research Group

Project: LGBT Health Stories

Project: LGBT Health Stories
  • To share narrative human experiences to augment health care provider empathy with LGBT patients and their providers.
  • To highlight the role of LGBT health experiences in educating and shaping provider attitudes towards delivering safe and accessible health care for LGBT patients.
Overview Provocative, real-life stories are often decisive in the redefinition and evolution of the art & science of medicine. Sharing the stories of LGBT-identified patients and their providers will compel health care providers to augment their abilities to partner with these rich and multifaceted communities. Increased exposure to and empathy towards LGBT patients will help providers be more sensitive and compassionate to LGBT populations. LGBT MERG is compiling LGBT patient and provider stories in print and audio formats for use by educators and providers. This important project will give voice to this medically-underserved community and the providers who care for them.

LGBT Health Stories has been conducting interviews since June 2010.

Please consider sharing your own LGBT Health Story at

Data Source Respondents receive an invitation to share their LGBT Health Story through LGBT- and healthcare-related listservs and contacts. Telephone, electronic, and in-person interviews are transcribed and written in narrative prose.
Partners/Collaborators Stanford Storytelling Project
LGBT MERG Presentations, Abstracts, and Publications Data in this paper were presented at the 2011 Academy Health Conference and the 2011 Queer Horizons Conference.

Data will be presented at the 2011 Gay and Lesbian Medical Association Conference.

LGBT MERG Contact Bradford Nguyen, Eric Tran, and Lea Gee-Tong

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