It is our mission to develop our students' skills and passion so they can become outstanding clinicians who improve the health of the world's people through research, innovation, clinical practice and leadership.

Empowered Students

Five medical students offer insights into their Stanford experience.

Scholarly Concentrations

Scholarly Concentrations provide students with independent scholarly experiences in areas of personal interest. This required component of the MD curriculum combines faculty-mentored research with structured coursework. The program aims to build skills essential for leadership in medicine and a lifelong commitment to cross-disciplinary investigation.

Access to a World-Class University

With access to the vast resources of Stanford University, including the Schools of Humanities & Sciences, Law, Business, Engineering and Education, students can pursue coursework across disciplines to define the unique way they want to make a difference in their field of interest.

Student Organizations

Students currently participate in almost 40 different groups focused on a wide variety of services and specialty interest activities.

Dual-Degree Program

Stanford offers a range of opportunities to pursue multiple advanced degrees at schools across the university.

Flexibility in a Framework

A pass/fail grading system and unscheduled Wednesdays give students the freedom to experiment in their academic work and hands-on learning outside of the classroom.

Dynamic Student Community

At Stanford, medical students are part of a larger community of more than 8,000 graduate students where you can build connections to enrich your learning and lay the foundation for your professional network.