This information is for current Stanford students, and is related to the required clerkship curriculum. Required clerkships are closed to visiting students. Students must have successfully completed all pre-clerkship requirements prior to beginning clerkships.

Please refer to Section 4 of the MD Program Handbook and Policy Manual for additional information. 

A total of 96 clinical units (16 months) are required for graduation.

NOTE: Graduation requirements for clinical training are subject to change.


To be completed within the student's first 12 months:

 Internal Medicine Core Clerkship (MED300A)  Dept. of Medicine  12 units (8 weeks)
 Surgery Core Clerkship (SURG300A)  Dept. of Surgery
 12 units (8 weeks)

Two of the clerkships below (assigned by draw process) must also be completed within the student’s first 12 months of clinical rotations:


Clerkship # Department Title Units
ANES 306A Anesthesia Critical Care Clerkship 6 (4 weeks)
FAMMED 301A Family & Community Medicine Family Medicine Core 6 (4 weeks)
MED 313A Medicine Ambulatory Internal Medicine 6 (4 weeks)
NENS 301A Neurology Neurology Core 6 (4 weeks)
OBGYN 300A Obstetrics & Gynecology Basic Gynecology & Obstetrics 9 (6 weeks)
PEDS 300A Pediatrics Child Health 12 (8 weeks)
PSYC 300A Psychiatry Basic Core Psychiatry 6 (4 weeks)
  • Medicine and Surgery must be completed in first 12 months of starting clerkships
  • Pediatrics, OBGYN must be started no later than period 7 of the graduating year
  • Family Medicine, Ambulatory Medicine, Critical Care, Neurology and Psychiatry must be started no later than Period 10 of the graduating year

  • These clerkships may be completed any time prior to graduation:

Clerkship Type


Selective I: Fundamentals of Clinical Care

6 (4 weeks)

Selective II: Subinternship

6 (4 weeks)


Students matriculating 2015-16: 6 (4 weeks)

Students matriculating prior to 2015-16:

9 (6 weeks)

MED 397: Capstone Clerkship Preparation for Residency (Students matriculating 2015-16)

3 (2 weeks)


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