Medical Equipment for the Practice of Medicine Course

The Practice of Medicine (POM) is the course in which you will learn and gradually develop your clinical skills, including patient interviewing, physical examination, and clinical reasoning. Since the POM course does not start until later in September, it is not at all essential that you purchase medical equipment in advance of your arrival on campus. However, for those who are looking ahead, here are some guidelines on what will be required for the course:



Tuning forks (128 Hz for vibration assessment)

Reflex hammer (Note: the key to reflexes is not a bigger hammer, but more practice of the

      technique. Thus any reflex hammer will be fine. For future reference, the Queen Square     

      reflex hammer is recommended in the Medicine and Neurology clerkships).

 Oto-ophthalmoscope. Specific recommendations and examples will be provided at the

      start of Winter Quarter. As students, you will be required to purchase a kit that you can

      bring with you to practice sessions, different sites and patient visits. There are three

      versions of the ophthalmoscope.

1.    The pocket version is small, convenient to carry, less expensive, and easy to use with practice.

2.    The larger, standard size can be easier to use, but is more expensive. Most clinics have these large models posted on walls.

3.    The panoptic version is the largest model, most expensive, and least frequently used in the first two years.

Your stethoscope will be provided to you through the generosity of the Stanford School of

      Medicine Alumni Association, at a ceremony that has become one of our deep traditions.

      The ceremony will be held on Friday evening, August 22, and is the one of many milestone

      events that will mark your entry into the medical profession.

Comparative costs for all equipment can be obtained through online shopping or a visit to the bookstore after you arrive on campus. Students often like to try out equipment before purchase, so we encourage you to ask more senior students or visit the bookstore.