MD Program Teaching Awards

The MD Program Teaching Awards honors faculty, residents, students and staff who have

made outstanding contributions to medical student education.

2018 Teaching Award Nomination Links

Thank you for taking this opportunity to acknowledge instructors who have made an important contribution to your medical education. Every faculty member or instructor who is nominated will receive a letter of recognition that is personalized with comments from the nomination forms. A copy of the recognition letter will also be sent to the faculty member’s department chair.

Results of the nominations submitted using the links below will be announced at the 2018 Teaching Awards Ceremony.

2016-17 Winter Quarter 2 Teaching Awards Nomination Form

2016-17 Spring Quarter 3 Teaching Awards Nomination Form

2016-17 Winter Quarter 5 Teaching Awards Nomination Form

2016-17 Spring Quarter 6 Teaching Awards Nomination Form

Please note: You have the option to nominate multiple faculty for a given quarter–you may loop through each form as many times as you wish. Simply select "Yes" when prompted whether you would like to submit additional nominations.

2017 Teaching Award Recipients

Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Award for Excellence in Preclinical Teaching 

Manuel Amieva, MD (Stanford, Department of Pediatrics-Infectious Diseases)

Martin Bronk, MD (Menlo Clinic, Department of General Surgery)

Sharon Chen, MD (Stanford, Department of Pediatrics-Infectious Diseases)

Andrew Nevins, MD (Stanford, Department of Medicine-Infectious Diseases)

Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching

Mehreen Iqbal, MD (Stanford, Department of Pediatrics) 

Eric Strong, MD (Stanford, Department of Medicine) 

Grace Yu, MD (Stanford, Department of Family Medicine) 

Outstanding Lecture/Presentation

Vivek Bhalla, MD, FASN, FAHA (Stanford, Department of Medicine-Nephrology)

Arthur L. Bloomfield Award in Recognition of Excellence in the Teaching of Clinical Medicine

Stephan Busque, MD (Stanford, Department of General Surgery) 

Jeffrey Dunn, MD (Stanford, Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences)

Peter Pompei, MD (Stanford, Department of Internal Medicine)

Outstanding Community Clinic Preceptor, Pre-Clinical Instruction

Suvarna Akki, MD (VA Palo Alto, Department of Medicine) 

Outstanding Community Clinic Preceptor, Clinical Instruction

Thomas Ormiston, MD (SCVMC, Department of Medicine)

Alwin C. Rambar-James BD Mark Award for Excellence in Patient Care

James Lau, MD, MHPE, FACS (Stanford, Department of Surgery)

Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Teaching Award for Outstanding and Innovative Contributions to Medical Education

Samuel Rodriguez, MD (Stanford, Department of Anesthesiology) 

Award for Excellence in Promotion of Learning Environment and Student Wellness

Sakti Sravastava, MD (Stanford, Department of Surgery)

Award for Excellence in Promotion of Humanism

Neil Gesundheit, MD (Stanford, Department of Medicine-Endocrinology)

Lars Osterberg, MD, MPH (Stanford, Department of Medicine)

Yasmin Owusu, MD (Stanford, Department of Psychiatry)

Franklin G. Ebaugh Jr. Award for Excellence in Advising Medical Students 

Erika Schillinger, MD (Stanford, Department of Medicine)

Award for Excellence in Promotion of Diversity and Societal Citizenship

Cesar Lopez Angel (Stanford, Medical Student)

Lawrence H. Mathers Award for Exceptional Commitment to Teaching and Active Involvement in Medical Student Education

Darren Salmi, MD (Stanford, Department of Pathology)

Oustanding Teaching Assistant Award

Carlie Arbaugh (Stanford, Medical Student)

Medical Education Staff Service Award

Ray Jackman (Stanford, Department of Medical Student Affairs-MD Advising)

Arnold P. Gold Award for Humanism and Excellence in Teaching (Residents)

Colin Culbertson, MD (Stanford, Department of Neurology and eurological Sciences)

Jessica Gold, MD (Stanford, Department of Pediatrics)

Kyle Graham, MD (SCVMC, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology)

Andre Kumar, MD (Stanford, Department of Medicine)

Lindsay Sceats, MD (Stanford, Department of Surgery)

Charlie Wickremasinghe, MD (Department of Pediatrics)

Arnold P. Gold Foundation Gold Humanism Honor Society Inductees (Medical Students)

Alexander Fogel (Stanford, Medical Student)

Madeline Grade (Stanford, Medical Student)

Julia Jezmir (Stanford, Medical Student)

Ryosuke Kita (Stanford, Medical Student)

Mythili Prabhu (Stanford, Medical Student)

Nitya Rajeshuni (Stanford, Medical Student)

Robyn Shaffer (Stanford, Medical Student)

Paula Trepman (Stanford, Medical Student)

Brandon Turner (Stanford, Medical Student)

Sarah Wailany (Stanford, Medical Student)

Nicholus Warstadt (Stanford, Medical Student)

Grace Xiong (Stanford, Medical Student)

Special Thanks

Teaching Award Student Selection Committee Members

Katie Dickerson

Kelsey Hirotsu

Jeffrey Kwong

Noemie Levy

George Liu

Yagmur Muftuoglu

William Shirer

Angela Zhang

Event Organizers

Bahij Austin

Jennifer Deitz

Nikia Earls

Cynthia Irvine

Irina Russell

Jessica Whittemore