Meet our Mentors

Our Mentors are the backbone of the 1st Generation Mentorship Program. Below is an evolving and growing list of our 1st Gen Mentors. They have been sorted according to their mentoring interests. Please read below for more information.

This program is absolutely incredible! This is the first that I've heard of a community explicitly for first generation graduate/medical students. I think this is critical because we go through specific hardships that some other groups might not experience exactly as we do, and it is great to have the support of people who understand.
I like that the program tries to match you to a mentor that can support your career goals. I also liked that this past year, there were more workshops and seminars for those involved in this program. These type of events gave me a sense of community at Stanford, in addition to having the support from a mentor.

Interested in becoming a mentor?

Many successful professionals have had, early on, one or more mentors who made a big difference in helping them achieve early success. Our graduate students, and especially those who are first generation, will benefit greatly from expert guidance throughout their academic journey.

Being a mentor has its benefits. First, sharing your passions, you can help to set the tone for students entering their professional careers. Mentors learn things about themselves as well; their career benefits, and, when thinking about the impact on someone else’s life, mentors feel like they are doing something that matters deeply and personally.

Pay it forward. Bridge the generation gap. Become a mentor.

(Please note that, while we greatly value our mentor community, not all mentors will be matched directly with a student. We need a diverse pool of mentors so that they best suit the needs of our mentees.)

I had a really rough time in my winter rotation, and my mentor has been very useful in helping me choose my rotation labs. He met with me during winter to talk about how to deal with my situation and what to do for my spring rotation. It has been amazing to have his perspective because he has mentored a lot of students.
I really enjoyed the [opening] event. The students were lovely and a joy to meet. As I reviewed the evening, I realized I would be happy to mentor two students! You're doing a wonderful thing. I'm happy to help any way I can.