Curricular Initiatives

OMSW promotes wellness in the Pre-Clerkship Curriculum and Clerkship Curriculum via several methods. 

Pre-Clerkship Curriculum

OMSW participates in New Student Orientation by leading a session entitled Promoting Personal Wellness and staffing several wellness-related tables at the Resource Fair. We also encourage students to register for wellness elective courses, and we provide additional curricular resources and support for sensitive topics identified in the pre-clerkship curriculum.  


Clerkship Curriculum

OMSW hosts the annual Transition to Clerkship Retreat at Fogarty Winery in Woodside, CA. The purpose of this annual retreat for students transitioning from the pre-clerkship to clerkship curriculum is to celebrate the completion of their classroom education and learn about life in clerkships. Additionally, students have the opportunity to interact with faculty leaders from their first clerkship and attend a keynote talk pertaining to their shift from the classroom to clinical settings. Past keynote speakers  include authors and experts in wellness.

2014: Carol Dweck, PhD - Developing a Growth Mindset  

2016 and 2017: Lucy Kalanithi, MD - Coping with Planned and Unplanned Transitions

OMSW also co-facilitates Rounds for clerkship students to facilitate reflection on their interactions with patients. 



Wellness Electives

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