Disability Insurance Policy

The School of Medicine participates in a group medical disability policy in which student's are automatically enrolled.  A mandatory $41 fee is assessed during winter term and cannot be waived. The fee is reflected as “Pre-Enrolled Med Disblty Ins” on your student account.  If you have questions, or need to file a claim, please contact Roxana Farias in the Office of Medical Student Wellness at roxanaf@stanford.edu or (650) 497-5846.


Respectful Educator and Mistreatment Policy

The Respectful Educator and Mistreatment Policy was written to emphasize that personnel are expected to create an environment free of exploitation, harassment and humilation in which feedback regarding educators’ performance can be reported confidentially by students without concern for reprisal. To view the full policy, click here.                                                     

Infectious Exposure Protocol

If you are stuck by a needle or splashed with bloody fluid please follow the 1-STIX (1-7849) protocol to get care for yourself.  If you have misplaced your 1-STIX orange card, please download a copy and keep the 1-STIX card with your Hospital ID Badge at all times. 


Substance Abuse and Addiction Policy

The Stanford School of Medicine has resources available for students seeking help for self or peers with substance use and other addictions. For more information about how to recieve confidential help or to refer a friend download our substance abuse and addiction resource guide.

Forms and Resources

Children, Family & Work Life

Stanford University has resources for students related to children and family, elder care and caregiving, and navigating work and life. For more information, visit the WorkLife Office.

Sleep Rooms

For a list of sleep rooms at each of our hospital sites please contact Roxana Farias. Please utilize them for naps as well as for nights when you don't have enough time to get home and back to the hospital.